Dear Valued Patient,

Pain is a very complex reality which affects every part of your body, not just where your pain is centered. When you experience pain, every system in your body responds, you heart beats faster, blood pressure goes up, you breathe faster, you are unable to think clearly, you become tense, even your digestion is affected!

Most of us can understand why different specialties are needed to treat and manage our pain. Medication, injections, physical and neuromuscular therapy are also necessary in order to understand and manage our pain.

Did you know that how you think or deal about your condition can actually make your pain worse?

Research has shown that when your body is in pain, all the other systems in the body also react, the way you interpret it greatly influences your bodies’ ability to deal with the pain. Your brain’s response to pain is to tense, called “muscular bracing” and your immune system stops producing white blood cells, which makes you more susceptible to infection and disease. Your brain also stops making serotonin which can make you become discouraged and depressed. Behavioral therapy uses proven methods which teach your brain to relax, immediately reducing the pain and giving you more control over your condition.

Long term narcotic medication use causes physical and psychological dependence. Taking medication also can never make the pain go away, and physical or neuromuscular therapy may only help for a while. You must learn a new way to deal with your pain. Behavioral therapy will help you enjoy a better quality of life, as well as perhaps reduce your pain.

Your willingness to cooperate, to attend all appointments and to be open to a variety of techniques and therapies will be the most important factor in your ability to cope with your pain.

Our physicians, behavioral therapists and neuromuscular therapist will work together as a team to reduce or even eliminate your pain.

We look forward to working together with you to improve your pain.