Spinal Cord Stimulators

The Procedure:

One of the newest technologies in pain relief, the spinal cord stimulator, works by interrupting the pain signal to the brain with stimulation. The procedure is comprised of a small procedure to insert the “leads” into the epidural space. Those leads are then connected to a generator which provides the system with its power. The patient controls the stimulator with a small device the size of a TV remote control.

The spinal cord stimulator can provide long term blockage of pain without steroid injections and without narcotics. A trial of stimulation is done first to see if the pain in the low back and legs can be blocked by 50% or more and require a minimal procedure to place 2 leads in the epidural space through needles to block, for example, low back and leg pain which has failed conservative measures.

If successful, a permanent system with a generator, rechargeable through the skin and which lasts to block pain for roughly 10 years can be placed.

  • The spinal cord stimulator system works to block pain by stimulating painful areas so usual aching, nagging pain is NOT felt.
  • Inhibitory neurons are stimulated by the device to block pain.
  • The body is also induced to make endorphins to block pain without the ill effects of chronic, high dose opiates.

For more information regarding the trial of spinal cord stimulation, please visit Boston Scientific. We work closely with Boston Scientific representatives in the local area who can provide consultations and aftercare.