Epidural Steroid Injection

The procedure:

This procedure entails bathing the disc and nerve root with a mixture of steroids and local anesthetic in an effort to reduce the inflammation and allow the disc and/or nerve root to heal.

This is done under fluoroscopic guidance to ensure proper placement of the medication to ensure the best out come. The steroid mixture usually takes about 3-4 days to begin working and injections are typically done in a series of three per area, three weeks apart.

The local anesthetic in the mixture works almost immediately but wears off by the next day and patients will feel pain again until the steroid kicks in (in 3-4 days) and reduces inflammation of the disc and nerve root. Typically there is less pain with each injection in the series.

Caudal Steroid Injection
Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection
Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection
Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection
Thoracic Epidural Steroid Injection